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I met this kid in 2009, in 10th grade chemistry class in Belmont High School. The word "swag" was just entering the slang, and Christian Mombru was the deffiniton of it. Always clean outfits and new pair of fresh sneakers every day. He was that person to slowly walk to the trash can during a class to throw away his gum or a tiny piece of paper, just to grant everybody with the opportunity to lay their eyes on his exquisite SWAG. Have to admit, he was successfully flexing without being pretentious.

After few months in America, I noticed that people with SWAG in high school weren't usually the brightest, but __ was an exception. Kid was a master of 6 instruments, with an exceptional taste for quality music, fashion, women and everything else.

Today, in 2017, he is finishing his last semester at Berkley College of Music and investing each free minute into his upcoming new music. Currently he is interested in HipHop & RnB music production. 


Birthplace:       Belmont, MA

Currently in:     Boston, MA

Education:       Music Production and Business, Berkley College of Music

Focus:             Music production, fashion