Sometimes I wake up and feel like Rick Ross. 



         During the summer of 2016 my studio was located at my friend's parents' house on Belmont Hill. It was a big beautiful house built in 60s by my friend's grandfather or great grandfather or uncle... I'm not sure. Each room had it's own personality. 


         One time, when her entire family was away, I spent a whole night there painting and watching documentaries about Amy Whinehouse and Marilyn Monroe. It was interesting to realize that both women gained equal amount of love and admiration. One earned it for her genuine and ignorant personality, the other one for inventing a "perfect woman" alter ego for herself. Both were equally fucked in their heads though.

           Around 6AM in the morning my sleep deprived self walked into this room and saw the rocking chair. It made me think of Rick Ross's sitting on a wheelchair in music video 'John'. The trail of these associations led me to making this Fantastik video.  

Masha Keryan