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MIT Hacking Arts Conference

I have had the pleasure of co-leading the Arts & AI panel for the annual Hacking Arts conference. 

This panel aims to create a unique idea space at the intersection of Art, Artificial Intelligence, technology and human perception. Artists, scientists and AI experts bring their own experience and approaches to the table, and probe Art’s dimensions across different media, contexts, and depths.

This year’s Hacking Arts event will focus on our human inherent connect to art and how technology is changing that relationship, exploring topics such as immersive and embodied storytelling, creative artificial intelligence and the arts, radically inclusive fashion and more. The human race has always practiced creativity. The urge to create art is rooted almost as deep as our instinct to survive. Today’s emerging technologies are disrupting the ways we use our creative minds and are dissolving the divide between human and technology; raising the question “Why Human?”

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Earlier Event: October 14
Later Event: December 14
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