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Copy of P O S S I B L E : a party to ignite what can be


As A R E A continues to grow into the new year, we’re inviting our friends and supporters to come together and ignite what is possible in 2018. POSSIBLE is a party to look at what’s on the horizon, forge creative connections, and collect inspiration to achieve what's imaginable.

This is a very special party! Look what we have to share with you: 

(1) We've enlisted the help of our friends at the Northeastern Network Science Institute to create a unique connective experience. Based on our data and a visual map of social interactions, you will discover individuals who share similar aspirations, values and vision in life. Connections will make anything possible.

(2) Two of our favorite artists from the MIT Media Lab will be releasing a world premiere interactive sound installation. You will be encouraged to enter your resolutions, hopes, plans, or predictions for the New Year using a browser-based textual interface. As it is entered, the text will transform into a melody. Multiple melodies may emerge at once and form a soundscape built out of our collective goals for 2018. Collective inspiration will make anything possible.

(3) If you aren't already, you will leave the party as an art collector. A R E A will offer, as a gift to you, a limited edition of a signed photograph from Alicia Rodríguez Alvisa. We will make it possible to be with art.

(4) A unique cocktail created for the party. Possibly, the best drink you will have in 2017!

This is also a phenomenal opportunity to see the work of 30 emerging artists whose work has been included in COLLAGE, our winter art sale. Great pieces if you want to give the gift of art during the holiday season to those you love or to yourself! 

Ticket sales contribute directly toward cultivating new possibilities at our SoWa location. A percentage of the proceeds will benefit Women’s Inn, New England’s largest emergency shelter for women. If you can join us, which we hope, please buy your ticket today. Tickets available here

Let’s celebrate the holidays and make it POSSIBLE! 

Let’s celebrate

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Not Just Yet


A new body of work by Masha Keryan is inspired by her recent visit to Mercati di Rialto in Venice, Italy, where one can find myriads of species of pesci (fish).

Sketchbook notes:

"The market was fascinating at first sight. So many freshly caught fish were laid out on ice in different compositions and patterns. The salesmen behind the tables were eagerly searching for eye contact, trying to turn passers-by into customers. It was satisfying to have the option of choosing a whole fish wrapped in paper instead of picking from pre-cut fillets in plastic packaging. There was something very historical and humane about it.

After returning to Boston, I kept getting flashbacks to Mercati di Rialto; it was engraved in my mind. I began painting some of the scenes from memory and from the photographs I took. The more I sketched and painted the more anthropomorphic the fish appeared. The previous feelings I had of fulfillment became unsettling.

The scenes rapidly turned from joyful memories into reminders about the current state of marine life, reminders of polluted oceans and dangerous mercury levels in fish such as America's beloved tuna. They became reminders of the exponentially declining number of species in our oceans. Predators like swordfish and sharks that have been around since the dinosaurs may not survive the 21st century. They became reminders that we live in a different world than our parents and have a different future. We don’t have the luxury to keep old habits anymore.”

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Conservation Law Foundation

Featured Musical Performance:  Stace Brandt  9:00pm

Featured Chef Appetizers:  Pedro Fuentes

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to Nov 12

MIT Hacking Arts Conference

I have had the pleasure of co-leading the Arts & AI panel for the annual Hacking Arts conference. 

This panel aims to create a unique idea space at the intersection of Art, Artificial Intelligence, technology and human perception. Artists, scientists and AI experts bring their own experience and approaches to the table, and probe Art’s dimensions across different media, contexts, and depths.

This year’s Hacking Arts event will focus on our human inherent connect to art and how technology is changing that relationship, exploring topics such as immersive and embodied storytelling, creative artificial intelligence and the arts, radically inclusive fashion and more. The human race has always practiced creativity. The urge to create art is rooted almost as deep as our instinct to survive. Today’s emerging technologies are disrupting the ways we use our creative minds and are dissolving the divide between human and technology; raising the question “Why Human?”

Tickets available now!

Please visit for further information. Tickets available

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Red Sky Studios is hosting its 3rd Everett Street Art Show: Chaos and I am proud to announce my participation in the cause. Local artists, musicians, and vendors will be featured in an effort support the artistic, creative community. Throughout the event, fundraising for the recent hurricanes in the US will take place.

Featured gallery artists include:

Annie Buchholz, Allison Spanek, Cristina Nelson, Dina K, Gina Manning, !ND!V!DUALS COLLECTIVE, Kyle Anderson, Masha Keryan, Nick Pacino, Rebeccah Stromberg, Stephanie Larsen, and more.

Musical guest Mint Green will be performing at 9pm-10pm.

Sponsored by Aeronaut Brewing Co.

Purchase the tickets here.

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Curated and work by Masha Keryan.

Vanitas is a genre of still-life painting that flourished in the Netherlands in the early 17th century. The word “vanitas” comes from the Latin for vanity— closer to our meaning of “emptiness” than to the modern-day notion of narcissism. Vanitas emphasized the emptiness of worldly possessions and contained collections of objects that symbolized death and the fleetingness of life. Skulls, clocks, burning candles, and even soap bubbles could be found amongst decadent objects of wealth (jewelry, purses, and gold) that would be deemed empty or purposeless aspects of life.

In American culture today, Instagram gives vanity new meaning. We spend dozens of minutes on each photograph finding the perfect angle, perfect smile, a gracious hand gesture, or a natural looking fold in a shirt. Every time we curate an Instagram photo, we are arranging a still-life that portrays our ideal self. However, that self does not escape the momentary— it becomes an object. Just as everything King Midas touched turned to gold, everything we snap becomes simultaneously valuable and valueless, desirable yet mundane.

Instavanitas translates the opulence found in still-life painting and the spectacle of social media into an installation setting. Yerevan-born artist and curator Masha Keryan uses her unique perspective as an Armenian immigrant to capture the American millennial experience. Employing a mixture of traditional and contemporary mediums including oil paint, spray paint, Instagram photography, and performance, Keryan recreates the excessively spectacular world behind our screens. 

Written by Stace Brandt

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