"Self Portrait in Florence", iPhone on Timer, 2017

Born in Yerevan, Armenia, Masha's  childhood was split between Yerevan and Moscow. At the age of 5 she returned to Yerevan and began her art education at Igityan Center of Art, focusing on classical drawing and miniature painting.  She spent her summers in Stepanakert (Karabakh), a postwar region of Armenia. In 2008, Masha continued academic drawing and watercolor painting studies at Architect’s Society of Armenia in Yerevan. At the age of 14, she moved to Belmont, MA. In 2016 she received her BFA in painting at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

The introduction to different cultures and societies at such young age, developed a profound curiosity and interest in the diversity of mankind. Currently, Masha Keryan uses her unique perspective as an immigrant to capture the American millennial experience. 


Studio Practice

2018-current The Guild of Boston Artists, Boston

2018-current The Armenian Weekly, Watertown

2017-2018 Market Casablanc, Boston


2018 Boston Voyager Interview



2018 Junior Designer, The Armenian Weekly, Watertown

2018  Art Instructor, Erebuni Armenian School, Watertown

2017 Creative Advisor/Marketing/Sales, Jana Grill & Bakery


2017 Gallery Assistant, Area Gallery, Boston

2016  Junior Designer/Sales, Studio Verticale, Boston

2016  Gallery Assistant, VERY Gallery, Boston

2016  Gallery Intern, Distillery Gallery, Boston

2014  Fashion Design Intern, Zatik Desighn Studio, Yerevan/Armenia 

Solo Exhibitions

2017 NOT JUST YET, Innovation and Design Building, Boston

2017 InstaVanitas, art & performance, Market Casablanc, Boston


Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 "Chaos" group show, Red Sky Studios, Cambridge

2016 "Fantastik" Solo Performance + Installation, Skydeck, Boston

2016 Senior Exhibition, Bakalar and Paine Galleries, Boston

2016 Then and Now, Student Life Gallery, Boston

2016 Into It, Over It, Student Life Gallery, Boston

2016  MassArt All School Show Painting, DMC Gallery, Boston

2015  Perception’s Edge , R.E.S. Gallery, Boston 

2015  MassArt All School Show Painting, President’s Gallery, Boston

2015   MassArt All School Show Art History, Arnheim Gallery, Boston 

2014  Reflect Glass Show, North Crackatorium, Boston

2014  MassArt AssArt : A Group Show About The Nude, N. Crackatorium, Boston

2013  Studio Foundation All School Show, Brant Gallery, Boston  

2012  Boston Globe Scholastic Exhibition, The MA State Transportation Building


Curatorial and Events

2017 MIT Hacking Arts, MIT, Cambridge

2016 A Night At Skydeck, Skydeck, Boston

2016 There is a Garden And It Exists, Distillery Gallery, Boston

2016 MassArt All School Show, Boston 

2016 “Orgy, Warhol, Studio 54” Painting Evening, Massart, Boston

2015 Perception’s Edge, R.E.S. Gallery, Boston 



2016 Barbara Grad Auction Award, MassArt

2012 Studio Foundation Award, MassArt

2012 Boston Globe, Gold Key